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About Us

Handicrafts reflect the originality of societies and contribute effectively to the growth of the economy, especially in rural and remote areas, which constitute a source of income and improve living standards, especially for women in finding suitable job opportunities.

Through our follow-up of these products, it became clear to us that there was a problem in the process of marketing and spreading, hence the idea of establishing this store "NAFEES", which aims to market these products at reasonable prices and available to all.

We, in this store, are very keen on selecting handcrafted products of high quality and distinctiveness, which reflect a renewed vision that develops in the individual the desire to acquire them and to be proud of gifting them to others.

At the same time, it is our responsibility in the “NAFEES” store to develop the skills of individuals to improve the quality of handicraft products, through support and training, by organizing training workshops for old crafts to develop them, as well as bringing in foreign experts to train on new crafts in cooperation with the concerned authorities.

We always look forward to all the handicraft products offered being of high quality and distinctive, and bringing new crafts and localizing them will open new horizons for individuals to practice these crafts locally, which leads to an increase in the balance and stock of knowledge and enrichment of local handicrafts, and thus improving returns to the community with and individuals.

Our goal in this store is in line with the goals of the makers of these crafts. Our mission is to assist in the marketing process and the development and development of these crafts for the benefit of all. On our part, 5% of the profits were allocated to provide material, technical or moral support to the producers, as a modest contribution from the store to stand with the owners of these professions and provide them with assistance.

We also feel the suffering that our brothers in Palestine are exposed to, and we follow the injustice and oppression they are exposed to, and what Al-Aqsa Mosque and the rest of the regions are exposed to. Therefore, we decided to allocate 5% of the profits as a modest contribution to support our brothers in Palestine, through the available official channels.

Customer satisfaction is one of our primary goals, as the customer is always right, and we will give special attention to all questions that may reach us, and do everything in our power to answer and interact with them, and we are pleased to communicate with the customer in all cases.

The store's team is characterized by long experiences gained through gathering knowledge and participation over many years inside and outside Jordan, which are related to handicrafts and in the field of small and medium enterprises. We look forward to excellence and contribute to the success of this sector, which in turn will reflect on the makers of these crafts and on the economy of our beloved country.