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Traditional Sword, distinctive and unique handcraft.

Please note that the price is not related to the shape of the sword, but rather the price depends on the type of steel and the required decoration. Therefore, the required type of steel must be determined before manufacturing begins. As for steel, there are three categories, as follows:

The first category: untreated steel

The quality is good, the thickness is 6 mm, the Sword does not cut the iron nail.

Price: 240 Jordanian dinars / equivalent to $ 338 / and in Saudi riyals = 1270 riyals

The second category: treated steel

The quality is very good, and the hardness is higher than normal. It cuts the iron nail, but the hardness and flexibility are medium.

Price: 360 Jordanian dinars / equivalent to $ 507 / and in Saudi riyals = 1905 riyals

The Third category: = German forged feather steel

The quality is excellent, the highest options are hardness, strength, flexibility, and iron cuts nails.

The price is 700 Jordanian dinars / equivalent to $ 987 / and in Saudi riyals = 3705 riyals

((Special additions important to pay attention))

*30 dinars equivalent 43$ will be added to each price if the sheath is all metal

* The sword does not come with a box, rope, or base. These are external accessories upon request.

* This broad sword Asian system can only be made with the first-class (Third category) road system, and it is possible with the second


There is no ready-made items, we start making according to your desire, and send the order to your home, free delivery only inside Jordan.

And the workmanship is not completely identical to the request, it is natural that there are differences because it is handmade, and each piece has touches that convey its idea during work.

International delivery to (Saudi Arabia and Iraq) only, at a shipping cost of $70, added to the above prices. Delivery to other countries is added to freight, according to the cost of shipping companies.

(Important notes):

Steel for all the swords needs periodic care so that it does not rust, and care must be taken to check the blade regularly.

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